Butch’s Mailbag: Tips For a Sales Job Interview

Butch, I have an interview next week for a sales position. You have any pointers? I thought being a sales guru you might have some interview tips.


Joe V

Well, Joe…I don’t know about sales “guru”, but I will give you a few things I think will certainly help in the interview. First, there are two things I believe are critical two any job interview (no matter the position): Preparation and Confidence. Be prepared and by that I mean don’t let anything catch you off guard. Think through it well in advance. Secondly, be confident they will not interview anyone better than YOU for that position. You need to believe this with every fiber of your being—it shows—I promise.

So, with that said here are four tips I think will help.

1)      Study the company as much as possible. Visit their website and know everything about them. If you know who is interviewing you, google them and see what you can find out. You’re not looking for their home address or where they live, but things that you can use in conversation to build instant rapport. Plus, the more you know about the company, the better questions you can ask in the interview (YES, you can ask questions, TOO!). Remember, knowledge is power.

2)      Ask questions like, “What are YOU looking for in someone to fill this position? Are there key accounts or certain business you’ve not been able to get in the past and why? Show interest. Know what you are getting into. This will tell you immediately where to focus. A great salesperson always asks good, probing, open-ended questions. Demonstrate this in your interview

3)      Be candid about your knowledge of their particular industry. As an interviewer, I would LOVE to have someone say, “I obviously don’t know everything about your business and industry, but I am hungry for knowledge and I have a passion for learning and growing!” Being a “know-it-all is a huge turn off in an interview.

4)      Finally, let them know you are looking for a career and not a job. It is perfectly OK to ask, “Are you looking for someone to fill a job or are you looking for someone to build a career here? Again, if I’m the interviewer: HUGE points!

Good luck with the interview. I hope this helps!


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