Butch’s Mailbag: Scripted Vs. Canned


What are your feelings on canned sales pitches? My boss wants all of us to memorize a canned presentation and I think it sounds phony. I like your writing and wanted to see what you thought.

Ellisa R.-Texas


Your timing is excellent! I was just having this conversation with another Sales Coach. Here is my take: there is a HUGE difference between canned and scripted. I would imagine your manager wants you to work from a sales script–something that I believe in whole-heartedly. However, even though it is scripted, it should never sound canned. EVER.

Part of the reason to have a script in the first place is so that you are never faced with a situation or an objection you can’t handle or overcome. Working from a script, you’ll always know where you are going next in the sales process or presentation–almost like a road map.

If you go back and read this entry (INSERT LINK*****), I talked about how doing stand up comedy was the best sales training I ever had. One of the main reasons was because I would dissect a joke down to the “nth” degree–literally word for word. Every word had to fit. Every word had to work. Was there a funnier word? A better way to say what I was trying to convey?

I would script it down to the word. But, I would then deliver it in a relaxed, natural manner.

I would suspect that’s what your manager is shooting for–or at least that’s what they should be shooting for.

Everyone–whether you’ve been in sales for five minutes or five decades should work from a script. Period.

Again, this is something I feel very strongly about.

My suggestion would be: take some time and listen to what your manager has to say. Look at the script and memorize it word-for-word (it has been written that way for a reason). But, when you deliver it in front of a client or prospect, sound like Ellisa–not your manager or anyone else.

Most of all, don’t sound canned. It takes practice, but you can do it.

Good luck. I’d love to hear how it works out for you!


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