Butch’s Mailbag: I Need To Be Better At Closing

I read your blog all the time and you never talk about closing. That is the most important part of selling and the part I need to learn better. Can you write something about closing?

Perry S.-Des Moines, IA


First things first (as I covered last week), thanks for reading and taking time to write. “Closing”—in my opinion—is not the most important part of the sales process. And certainly not what one needs to learn first.

Let me give you an example: I’m working with a client right now who I asked to grade herself on the eight steps of the sales process.  She graded out low on things like building rapport and determining the client’s needs. But, I’m sure she would have said she wanted to get better at closing or asking for the sale (I am assuming).

EVERYBODY wants to be a better “closer”—but unless you do everything else right before that, your sales will not improve. Period.

This is a learned process. As Zig Ziglar once said, I’ve never opened the paper and read where a woman gave birth to an 8 pound 9 oz Salesman. You need to be GREAT—not good—GREAT at building rapport before you move on to the next step. (We just talked about building rapport here) Then you need to be very proficient and comfortable with introducing and getting commitment with a verbal contract prior to going any further.

Personally, I promote an eight step sales process and it is like climbing a ladder: if you miss a rung, the next step could be painful.

But, to answer your question: I will be writing about asking for the sale. I will be giving you some food for thought there soon. Just remember, everything has a place.


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