Butch’s Mailbag: Hello, I’m The New Guy


I have a friend that sent me to your blog because I recently got a job in sales. And now I have a question. My manager has done a good job of giving me training materials and even sent me through a seminar the company paid for. But, now that I’m working, I notice the people that have been here don’t always do what I’ve been taught and they are selling.

Any suggestions?


Randy C. Richmond, VA

Randy, first thanks for taking time to write. That alone shows some dedication and a desire to improve your skills. Now to your question. I’ve found the farther you get from being “The New Guy”, the farther you get from the training you learned. And here’s a secret: the training works like it’s supposed to.

After a while, we all (it’s human nature) tend to start short-cutting, rushing or leaving out steps of the sale. DON’T DO THAT. I have seen more “new guys (and gals) outsell everyone in an organization more times than I care to count. Most chalk it up to “beginners luck” or simply enthusiasm.


It’s because they are doing things the way they are supposed to be done. You’ve not developed any bad habits yet. While it is still fresh in your mind, make notes about what you thought was most impactful about your training—and keep your training manual handy if you got one.

In six months or so, if your sales dip refer back to that and see if you haven’t gotten away from the things that were making you successful.

I would assume the company-paid training is good (it’s not with ME, but it’s still probably good), so use it. Don’t totally ignore what others are doing, but notice they are probably not going “by the book”.

I assure you—you will sell much more sticking to what you were taught.

Welcome to your new job and best of luck.

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