Butch’s Mailbag: Handwritten Notes

Butch. Really enjoy your writing. But, you talk on twitter a lot about hand writing notes and cards and things. How do you have time for that? I like the idea, but it seems kind of time consuming.

Lawrence J. Santa Fe, NM


It is time consuming, but it is something I believe very strongly in. Here are a few tips that I use that may eliminate some of the time for you though.

-When you have down time between calls or prospects, go ahead and hand write several cards (or as many as you can do). Obviously, you won’t know who they are to so leave that part blank—but you can fill in the body of the card for birthdays, follow ups, etc.

-Have a consistent message. You might have ten cards that all say the same thing. It is sometimes quicker when you don’t have to “think” about what you are going to write—and just write it. Keep a log on a word document of some of the things you use and change them up periodically.

-This is GREAT rainy day work or when you are stuck in a waiting room. Keep some blank cards in your briefcase or with your laptop or Day Timer. Try to make this a job you do when you have nothing else to do.

Again, in my mind there’s no substitute for hand written notes. They are so rare today, they stand out. But, unless you are doing a postcard type mailer—also hand write the envelope.


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