Butch’s Mailbag: Do I Need Social Media In Selling?

Butch, I’ve been selling on and off for many years and keep hearing about social media. I assume that means facebook and twitter and the likes. How important is that to me in selling? I am currently a representative for a life insurance company.


Janice P. Smyrna, GA


Personally, I think social media is almost required today. Think of it as the business card of yesteryear—everybody has one, but the ones you keep and remember are the ones that stand out.

Now, I will preface this by saying I am NO social media expert—in fact, I am far from it. My 25-year old son has done most of my web building and coaching me along. (Here’s a shameless plug for him: www.bellahmedia.com)

What I do know is this: if you are going to do something, then do it professionally. Learn as much as you can about the process and keep your facebook page or website or blog or whatever updated and current. That’s no easy chore. I spend a lot of time answering email from readers of my blog and try to personally interact with as many people on my facebook page as possible. I tweet like a madman—www.twitter.com/salespowertips and try to keep up as best I can.

But, to your original question: How important is it? Very important. If for no other reason than to establish credibility. Buyers expect some sort of electronic presence these days. My suggestion would be to find someone to coach you through the basics and help you get started. Build a facebook page or a blog and jump out there. But, once you commit—stay at it. Even if you think nobody is listening, you keep talking. Engage your readers and friends/followers.

Give them information that is useful to them and they will always be around.


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