Sales Tips: Breaking The "Salesman" Mold

One of my life’s missions is to break the mold of the “stereotypical” salesman. To this day in some contexts “salesman” is almost a dirty word and that really bothers me. I mean it REALLY bothers me.

The problem is the image of a “huckster” that still permeates some people’s vision of salespeople. But, that can be changed; one person, one sale, one contact at a time. And it is up to us; the PROFESSIONAL salespeople that make an honest living and genuinely love our business and take pride in taking care of our customers.

If there are any sales tips you take to heart, let it be this one. So, what can you do to help break that mold? What can you do to change people’s perception?

Very simply: be professional at all times: in your dress, your manners, your actions, your reactions and in your handling of contacts, prospects and customers.

-Make it a point to exude professionalism. Go out of your way to rise above what people think you should be.

-Treat everyone you meet professionally. It has been well documented that at the time Sam Walton was the richest man in America, he could be seen driving around Bentonville, AR in an old pickup truck and well-worn clothes. Nobody would’ve believed he was worth billions. Never forget that.

-Take pride in your work. I know this is a given, but really make it a point to be proud of what you do, who you are and the products you represent.

-Stand up for the profession. If you see or hear anything around your workplace that contributes to the negative stereotypes, I believe you have the ability and responsibility to do something about it or at least bring it to a manager’s attention. That sort of poison can cost YOU business and there’s no place for it.

-Treat those that don’t buy from you just as well as you do those that do. I am going to assume you treat your customer’s well. But, I’m going to challenge you to treat the “no’s” as well as the “yes’s”. It will make you stronger and more professional over time.

-Smile. Yes, smile. Enjoy what you do. If you aren’t having fun going to work, do yourself and everyone else a favor and do something else. Life is too short.

Together we can break that mold. But, I need YOUR help!

You should treat the profession of a professional salesperson like you would that of a doctor, dentist or any other highly paid professional. You deserve it. Once you begin to “feel” that, you’ll conduct yourself that way. You are part of the greatest profession on earth—be proud of it!

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