Brainstorming For Success

I love to brainstorm. I love the process of working with others to create new ideas, find solutions or to optimize processes. It’s just one of those things I’ve always enjoyed.

I really like to just paper the walls and rapid fire throw ideas out there, letting the seeds germinate and grow and change and sometimes come full circle from where they began. To me, it’s vitally important to have brainstorming sessions regularly–if for no other reason than to keep those creative juices flowing and keep those muscles from atrophying.

Unfortunately, it’s one of the things we seldom make time for. We don’t carve out a set time to get together with others and just let the ideas flow–we become stagnant, set in our ways, plodding through the days, the weeks and the months until a quarter of the year has passed and then a half and before long we are staring straight in the face of a new year.

What did we accomplish?

Did we improve our skills? Did we improve the process of what we do? Did we learn and innovate and change?

I know a lot of people roll their eyes when someone mentions a “think tank”. Heck, even I kind of give the old “yeah, right”.

But, I’m talking about seriously setting aside time to be creative, to break barriers, to not hold anything back. Are you doing it? You should be.

So, here’s your challenge: make some time THIS WEEK. Decide today to gather with at least one other person and just brainstorm.

How can we help our customer’s more? How can we make the process of doing business with us better, faster or more efficient?

Take one hour, block out all distractions (yes, turn off the cell phone) and just be creative. Nothing is off limits. There are no “bad” ideas.

Have fun with it–and I think you’ll be surprised at what you come up with!


Question: Do you brainstorm? I’d love to have you share some success stories with others in the comments below!