Boldly Going To

I write and blog about sales here on my website/blog. I am tweeting constantly on the subject and  I’m a speaker, trainer and Sales, Marketing and Business Coach. Well, as of today I add another line to the proverbial “business card”. I’ll be co-hosting a half-hour radio program, Sales Coaching Chalk Talk on  with Hugh Liddle the founder of Red Cap Sales Coaching.

We’ll be talking about sales, marketing and business in general. We’ll interview other salespeople, discuss the latest sales books, answer listener questions and talk about how Sales Coaching can help you.

I’m really looking forward to it—as my wife says, “I’ve never met a microphone I didn’t like”. The show will be live at   starting tonight and every Tuesday evening at 8PM Eastern/7PM Central. You can access the show directly at

The show will also be archived so you can listen at your leisure and if you have a question, comment or an idea you can email me at

And just so Howard Stern knows I’m no threat to his title of King of All Media, there are no plans for me to be on television.



Question: Got a question for the show? Email me at