BIG News for 2016…and Beyond!

When I first started B2 Training & Development in 2009, it was little more than just a hobby—a way for me to get out and speak and train periodically. Then I launched the first iteration of my website and published my first blog almost 6 years ago to the day on December 21, 2009.

Since then I’ve written hundreds of blog posts, gotten to speak in front of thousands of people, conducted numerous training sessions and published not one, but two books! To say it’s been more than I could’ve ever expected is an understatement.

However, it just keeps getting better.

I’m thrilled to announce effective January 1st, I’ll be merging B2 Training & Development with David Specht and all the folks at BIZ Tools and the BIZ Tools Podcast to form My Biz Coach!

We’ve been working behind the scenes to create some amazing content for you covering all aspects of your business. From sales, management and leadership to human resources, office culture and more—there’s something for everyone at MyBizCoach.Biz!

We’re launching with some really cool free content, online courses and much, much more including our first Mastermind Group, Sales Superstars: Destination Forward. These groups will meet for an hour each week online beginning the week of January 11! In them, you’ll be able to open up in a non-competitive environment and share ideas, struggles, issues and all those things you think you’re going through alone.

Guess what? You’re not! 

I’ll be facilitating each group and will be there to lead, guide and hold everyone accountable to make 2016 a great year.  Space is limited, but you can still access an application.

The last six years have been an amazing ride and I want to thank each of you who have been on it with me. But, get ready—we’re about to do some amazing things!