Be Prepared: Not Just For Boy Scouts Anymore

Be Prepared

As I write this, Hurricane Isaac is about 12 hours away from shore just a few hours from where I live.(Note: this was written when I lived in Lafayette, LA) We’ve done everything we can to be prepared—or at least we think we have. One never really knows. After all, we should be prepared for…what? Anything? Everything? Nothing?

That’s a tall order.

As salespeople, we need to be prepared for anything, everything AND nothing. We should have contingency plans for working with an account, meeting with a prospect and filling a gap in our calendar. The best way to keep one’s self busy is always have a backup plan. Always.

That’s easier said than done.

Here is something I like to do after a sale, a meeting, a speaking engagement or a business trip. I’ve been doing it for years and didn’t actually realize “what” I was doing until a few years ago. After all this time, I found what I was doing was being “prepared’.

After I finish with one of the above, I carve out some quiet time in my schedule and literally download everything out of my brain…write it all down. If I’ve taken notes and have multiple pieces of paper in my pocket, I get them all out and keep a file of ideas, things I need to follow up on or MORE IMPORTANTLY things I should’ve done before the event.

This is where the “Be Prepared” comes in. Many times,  it is only after we are unprepared that we usually remember how to be prepared or what we need to do to prepare.

So, the next time you finish a meeting or a trip or whatever, take some time to digest everything. Make notes. Write down everything—every little thought. Think through the entire process. What could or should you have done differently? What went well? What didn’t? What should you have done more or less of? Who should you have notified before the event that slipped your mind?

You’ll find this exercise is very valuable and will eventually lead to where you are thinking of things before an event that would’ve never occurred to you before.

Good luck! And, if you are in the Gulf Coast area…be safe!

Yes, my family and I are safe. We aren’t in the actual eye of the storm, so it gives me time to have a perspective on being prepared without having to suffer the consequences others are going through.