Ask This ONE Question To Improve Your Sales


Ask This ONE Question To Improve Your Sales

Many times, we, as salespeople forget what we are trying to achieve. I’m guilty, you’re guilty, we’re all guilty. Let me clarify what I mean: sometimes during the sales process, we forget what our immediate goal is; what is the next step in the process?

There’s one question I teach all salespeople to ask themselves prior to every meeting with a prospect or even a client: What is my goal today? Simply, what are you trying to achieve with this meeting?

If you’re early in the sales process your goal is simply to move the relationship along—gather more information, learn more about your prospect, find out where the “pain” is. Not every meeting is about closing the sale and rushing the process can kill a sale quicker than anything.

As a matter of fact, how can you honestly ask for the sale if you haven’t truly found what the prospects needs are? If you haven’t found where the “gap” is how can you help fill it?

So, ask yourself: What is my goal today? Am I on a fact-finding mission? Am I here to get on their calendar? Am I here to provide information they requested and ask questions? Or, am I here to ask for the sale, overcome their objections and begin a relationship with them as a client?

When I suggest you ask yourself this question, I mean it literally. Ask it out loud. And answer it.

Refocus yourself right before your meeting on what you want to achieve. Have good, probing, open-ended questions ready at your disposal. Be prepared.

One question: What is my goal today?


Once you begin to get into this habit, you’ll find you bring yourself back to point—no matter what has happened before the meeting. Clear your head of all the other things floating around in there. Give this prospect or client your undivided attention and know what you’re there for. Don’t waste their time or yours.

One question.

What is my goal today?