Sales Tip: Be The Expert Your Customer Needs

I’ve discussed in this blog before the fact that I had triple bypass heart surgery in May, 2009. I didn’t have a heart attack—I got lucky: I caught it before it caught me. The reason I bring this up is because if someone had asked me on May 18, 2009, “Butch, would you like open heart surgery?” my response would’ve been, “I don’t need it, don’t want it and can’t afford it.”

Sound familiar?

Those are probably the same objections we all hear every day of the week! Don’t want it, don’t need it, can’t afford it.

Well, after having a “heart cath” done and finding two 70’s and 80 and a 90% blockage on May 19, I changed my tune. Not only did I NEED it and I WANTED it, I found a way to AFFORD it, but I also wanted to best person I could find to do it!

I wanted an EXPERT!

So, what changed? Simple. The information available to me was the only difference. On May 18 I had no idea there was a problem—on May 19, I was all in!

Do you realize you have customers whose business is in as bad a shape as my heart was? And they need YOU to be the expert. They need you to show where the “blockage” is—to help them find ways to identify and solve problems.

You do that by asking questions and taking a genuine interest in their business. Then and only then do you become the expert they want to do business with.

Others may try to “sell” them something while you’re there to help them solve a problem. There is a HUGE difference.

Be the expert. Make it your mission to help your prospects and customers uncover their “pain” points. Ask them, “how can I help YOU?” But, keep in mind—like me—they may not know…you may have to be prepared to show them they have a problem and that you, the expert has a solution.

Approach it like that and you will build yourself a nice little business and help a lot of people in the process!

One word of caution: you MUST come across with the right intent and attitude. You want them to see you as the expert—not tell them you are. It’s like respect; you earn it you don’t demand it. Take care to not come off as authoritative and talk down to your prospects. They should view you as the expert because of your mannerism, professionalism and your actions.