Putting Out Fires or Fanning The Flames?

3d small people - fireman

We all have times where for whatever reason we fall short of a customer’s expectations and of our standards. We mess up. Things happen. Nobody’s perfect.

But, how you handle that is the difference between a true professional and one who would aspires to be. One of the keys I’ve found over the years is simply this: Tell the customer what you CAN do instead of what you CAN’T do. We can be putting out fires or fanning the flames.

It’s just that simple.

If you’ve missed a delivery date, instead of telling them what you aren’t capable of—just tell them what you can do to make it right. Don’t focus on the negative, lean toward the positive.

Respond it a way your customers can feel good about the solution working out, not where they doubt you or your company’s ability to solve their problem. See, they are going to get their attitude directly from how you respond to this situation. You and only you have the ability to be putting out fires or fanning the flames.

Have an order for a customer get fouled up? Instead of telling them all the ways you can’t solve their problem, how about focusing on the ways you can?

The customer’s attitude and acceptance is drastically different based on how you approach the situation.

As salespeople, we all have “fires to put out” from time to time—but, are you putting out fires or fanning the flames?

Your reaction, attitude and willingness to solve the problem dictates in large part how the customer views the issue.

Make it better. Not worse. Put the fire out–don’t pour fuel on it.