Are You Easy To Do Business With?

Are You Easy To Do Business With?

In business, it’s sometimes necessary to take a step back and observe your company through the eyes of your customers and/or prospective customers. Have you done this lately?  If not now’s a great time to really take a hard look at how your business is viewed by those that are most important: your customers.

The old saying, “You can’t see the forest for the trees” is very applicable in most businesses. We tend to get so laser-focused on day-to-day operations and the task at hand that we fail to really analyze and assess the so-called bigger picture.

You should call your switchboard at least once every quarter. How is the phone being answered? How quickly are your customers able to talk to a real, live human being? Is the system easy to navigate or are you frustrating customers that you may never hear from again? Those are tough questions. But, they are ones you must address.

What do your customers and/or prospects see when they drive by your business, pull into the parking lot or walk through the front door?  I’d be willing to bet that if you took some time to slow down tomorrow morning a few things you notice may surprise you. You can spend thousands of dollars on advertising and marketing only to blow it when someone has to step over a pile of garbage in the parking lot to get to your front door. That is a solvable problem.

Take a hard look at your sales materials? Are they professional and up-to-date? Or do all the photos look like they were taken in 1985? (Be honest. I know we were all thinner and had more hair then, but you’ve got to keep up) If you want to be considered timely in today’s society, all of your materials need to look fresh.

What about your website?  How easily can your customers navigate it to find information, find customer service or to place an order? If it takes YOU too long, think about how they must feel. You invested the money in the technology—don’t let the technology cost you money.

As you go through this exercise, ask yourself this: “How easy is it for your customer’s to do business with me?”

Are you creating unnecessary obstacles for them? In today’s competitive marketplace the difference between gaining a customer and losing a customer could very well be the ease of doing business.