Are You Driving Customers Away?

A lot is written about dressing for success—and we’ll cover that one day here, too. But today I want to talk about your vehicle or your company’s fleet of vehicles. Because their condition or lack thereof, you could literally be driving customers away.

Strictly from a maintenance cost standpoint, keeping your fleet of trucks or vehicles neat, clean and in order is a solid investment. Not only will it save you hard dollars but downtime as well. Those trucks that are rolling down the highway or around town also speak volumes about you and your company.

Are they clean?  Do they look like they’ve been abused? What message are you sending?

Take a hard look at your vehicles and look at them as if you were a customer. Does that truck belong to someone you want to do business with? Think of them literally as mobile advertisements for your organization and you will begin to see the importance of keeping a clean, well-maintained fleet.

If you are an individual salesperson, you cannot underestimate the value of what you drive and how it looks. While you may not be able to afford to drive the most luxurious vehicle on the road, you can drive a CLEAN car.

I had a man tell me once that he judged a manager by how well they kept up their own car. His reasoning was if they didn’t care about their own transportation, how much would they care about their job, his company or their subordinates? If you think about it that’s pretty solid reasoning.

If clients ride in your vehicle for your job, it is imperative that you keep it clean and orderly. Don’t make them wait while you move the kid’s toys and clean up the mess the dog made. Sure those things are a part of life, but just as you wear clean clothes to work, you should take the same care in your automobile.

We’ve talked in this blog about preparing yourself mentally and physically for your week, don’t forget about your mode of transportation. Again, you may not be able to drive the latest BMW, but what you do drive should be clean and well maintained. People like to do business with successful people. Look the part in how you dress and how you take care of what you drive.

Take a few moments as you plan your week and make sure your vehicle is ready, as well. Are all your materials in order? Do you have everything you’ll need for the week? A few minutes of preparation can save you time AND money!

Regular maintenance could keep you from being stranded on the way to a sales call or even worse—WITH A CLIENT! Your car (or truck) is one of those silent things that could make or break a sale—and you’d never know it. Don’t leave it to chance.