Are You A Problem Finder or Problem Solver?

Years ago I heard someone say that problem finders are a dime-a-dozen and problem solvers are the leaders of companies. Personally, I believe this is truer today. While it’s easy to “find” problems, we, as professionals are paid to solve them.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s OK—and in some cases even encouraged to find problem. But, ultimately our job isn’t completed until the problem is solved.

Write this down somewhere: Every problem can be solved if you have the persistence, patience and desire to find the solution. Even if the solution isn’t what you personally want or need—there is a solution.

Never accept problems as unsolvable. That’s just giving up.

Find a way. Take corrective action or keep seeking a solution. But, whatever you do…don’t give up just because you found the problem.

Zig Ziglar once said, “Some people look for problems like there is a reward for them.” Remember, if you’re going to find the problem…help find the solution.

Your customers and prospects are looking for solutions, they’re looking for someone to help them solve a problem—not someone to just point out the fact there is one.

Innovate. Accept and embrace change. Be a problem solver.