Applying For A Sales Job (Without Your Boss Knowing)

Account manager resume. Blue tint.

Whether you’ve seen an ad online, had someone recommend you apply for a position or you’re actively looking to change positions, there’s a good chance you want to talk about a job without the fear of your current employer finding out.

I recently spoke to someone who passed on a chance to upgrade their position because they were afraid it would get back to their boss because it was within the same industry and “everybody knows everybody’s business”.

Therein lies the dilemma. What do you do? Do you chance applying for a sales job and having your boss find out?

Enter Invisume; the invisible resume.

Through, you can anonymously apply for a position and not disclose any personal information about yourself until you and the potential employer are well into the negotiation phase.

In fact, if they like you’re Invisume—they contact you through an anonymous chat where you can discuss the position, your background and even compensation in detail before revealing your identity.

Invisume was designed for salespeople of all skill levels and provides a unique opportunity for a salesperson and an a potential employer to get to know each other—before they get to KNOW each other.

As you know from some past articles (Taxi Magic,  I love technology and innovation which makes our jobs and lives easier and more productive. To me, this is one of those simple—yet amazing uses we’ll all wonder, “why didn’t I think of that”.

Having spoken to the founders of Invisume several times lately (in full disclosure, we’re working on some projects together), I can tell you they’re in it for the right reasons. Seldom, do I endorse a service or provider—but, this one I am.

If you’d like more information, go to and see how they can help you advance your career.