All Buyers Are NOT Liars!

A tired, old saying in this profession is “buyers are liars” and luckily I had forgotten about it until it popped up recently in one of many sales, marketing and management-related newsletters I read.

I wish I would have skipped that edition because I hate that phrase: Buyers are liars.

Sadly, some new salespeople are being taught that as you read this—and their mind is being poisoned, their attitude is being ruined and their career is probably being hindered—all  because of one stupid little saying.

Buyers are liars.


Let’s see, when you bought your home did you lie about where you wanted to live or what you liked?

When you bought your last pair of shoes did you tell the salesperson you wore a size seven even though you really wear a nine?

When you bought your last automobile did you tell the salesperson you LOVED the color even though you secretly hated it? Or vice versa?

I doubt it.

The phrase comes from the fact that some salespeople believe that buyers don’t always tell them the truth about why they aren’t buying. Maybe SOME don’t. But, all? Hardly.

What you should understand is MOST (not all) buyers are scared. They’re scared of the process, they’re scared of you and they’re scared they will make a poor decision.

That’s the truth. Not that they lie—but, they’re scared.

And, as professional you should earn their trust and confidence so you can ease their fears and help them make the right decision—even if that doesn’t mean buying your product or service.

So, do me a favor: the next time you hear someone say, “Buyers are liars!” Smack ’em.

If you are in any way involved in the development of new salespeople, try to keep them away from the “old hands” that believe things like this and that continue to propagate this type of stereotypical behavior. This is another step in professionalizing our profession.