Mark Tewart


By Mark Tewart

What is the definition of action?

1. The state or process of acting or doing: The medical team went into action.

2. Something done or accomplished; a deed.

3. Organized activity to accomplish an objective: a problem requiring drastic action.

4. The causation of change by the exertion of power or a natural process: the action of waves on a beach; the action of a drug on blood pressure.

5. A movement or a series of movements, as of an actor.

6. Manner of movement: a horse with fine action.

7. Habitual or vigorous activity; energy: a woman of action.

8. Behavior or conduct. Often used in the plural.

Two things keep people from being successful. First, is the lack of leverage and the second is laziness. The good news is that both are not incurable diseases but they can be if left untreated. Let’s take a look at both and how to get rid of each one.

Leverage creates the tipping point that gets you moving and taking action. Leverage can come from wants, needs, fear, love, hate and other emotional triggers. All leverage points are good if you channel them correctly even if they start out as a bad emotion such as anger. Whatever gets you into action is a good start. If your leverage point is a negative emotion such as anger, at least you are moving and will notice that the longer you keep moving, the more likely you are to replace your negative leverage with something more positive.

Discover and get familiar with the, Why.  When the Why gets clear, the HOW gets easy! It is impossible to create leverage without the why. You may not always quite understand the deeper meaning for your why but you must recognize the why before you take action.

It is okay to start with extremely small steps. You can even take small steps that are guaranteed to give yourself positive reinforcement. I call these points RPE’s – Recent Positive Experience. Recent Positive Experience leads to more thorough risk-reward behavior patterns. Most people do the opposite. Most people want the goal or success and focus solely on the goal without recognizing the steps.

Each new year I witness newcomers to the gym. They usually have found a leverage point of pain, the pain of being too fat or too unhealthy. What they see in the mirror causes pain. The pain becomes unbearable and they want to remove the pain. I think it is an incredible point in their life and I am amazed at their desire. Sadly, often the burning fire of desire quickly evaporates. The New Year Resolution Group comes in like a tornado and they begin to work really hard. However, after a week, they don’t see the results of the hard work. We have become an instant gratification society. We want our results and we want them now. Bailouts, drive-thru’s, video on demand are all based upon instant gratification and speed.

Quickly, despair sets in and people stop taking action and it adds to their failure board as further proof that they cannot win. The sad truth is that they were just days away from beginning to see the results they wanted. They quit too soon. Most people do. Here is the lesson. At first, focus on the action as the result. The reward is in the action. With continued and corrected action results are guaranteed. If you knew you could play a sport and win, would you do it? Of course you would! Your life and your goals are the exact same thing. You are absolutely guaranteed success before you even start. It is undeniable and cannot be refuted. It is a given.

Start off knowing you cannot lose unless you quit. Focus on how successful each action is by itself and how each day that goes by there are more actions strung together that provides proof of success. Eventually you will see results and gain competence. Competence = Confidence. The more confidence you have the more you are likely to continue. Simply, look for reasons for your markers of success rather than your markers of failure.  You may not always get the results when you want them or how you want them but you will get results. Stop beating yourself up and start giving yourself credit.

Start your journey by writing down what you want and then keep a journal of your actions and success. Read that journal and create a blueprint in your brain that reinforces you, your journey and success. After all, the true reward is the journey to the goal and not the goal itself. Give your subconscious testimonial proof of success for each action. If you are too tired or lack desire to do what you need to do just look at the journal and take one step. Just one step and then another. Eventually you have given yourself proof that even on your bad days you are an unstoppable force.

Divide your big goal into small goals and take one section at a time. Anything is possible this way and most things seem impossible any other way. Get yourself a reinforcement coach. We all know someone who is a positive influence that knows how to get you going. If you don’t, start looking and asking. Everyone needs a coach. The best of the best and the smartest of the smartest have coaches. People who are too good or too smart to have coaches are destined to fail eventually. Arrogance kills.

If you are looking for inspiration, think of something or someone greater than yourself. It is usually harder for us to let someone else down than ourselves. Make a commitment to someone else. Make a commitment to something good that rewards someone else when you reach your goal. Most importantly, make a commitment. What do you have to gain and what do you have to lose? What is most likely? The answer is usually in between. Don’t let your subconscious grow your fear to be so large that it irrationally keeps you from taking action. Most fear is irrational and keeps you unhappy in disguise as a way to keep you from getting hurt. Fear is paying interest on a debt not yet due. Just take action….

If you are lazy, lazy is not a terminal condition. First of all, laziness is a label given as permanent and is nothing more than a state of mind perpetuated into reality. Change your mind to change your reality. Ask yourself, what will I be like in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years if I keep this laziness up? What will I be as an example? If I were being interviewed at 100 years old about my life, what would I say? Would I be proud?

Where did all of this incredibly negative labeling begin for you? Where did it start? Write the word lazy on a dry erase board and erase it. Write down all the attributes of someone who is not lazy and someone you would admire. See yourself in your “mind’s eye” with those attributes being that person. Remember, what someone else says or thinks about you, has nothing to with YOU. You decide who you are and who you are is who you decide to be at any given moment. Simply decide this moment.

Here are some tips:

1) Start your morning differently

2) Write, write, and write what you want

3) Take one step at a time

4) Focus on the small actions as much as the result – RPE’s

5) Get a coach

6) Find the why

7) Create a new label

8) Write down one action you will take today and put it on your mirror

9) Focus on the good

10) Give yourself proof of winning

11) Cut out the cancer – Cancerous things, people, and surroundings

12) Ask yourself each day, how did I do?

13) Don’t beat yourself up. You are not perfect and no one is

14) Bombard your brain with positive influence – read, listen and watch good    stuff

15) Give yourself permission to have set backs. It’s part of the process. Everyone has setbacks and no one and I mean no one goes through life unscathed. Who would want to? Your life is a story and a story without challenges would be boring as hell and there would be nothing to learn.

Remember: You are perfect for where you are supposed to be right now and where you are now is perfect. It is perfect because without you being who you are right now and where you are right now, there is no way you could be who you will be and where you will be in the future. Celebrate the perfection in your imperfection.


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Mark Tewart is a sales expert and professional speaker, trainer, consultant, entrepreneur and author of the best seller, “How To Be A Sales Superstar – Break All the Rules and Succeed While Doing It.” Mark is a Professional Member of The National Speakers Association and The Authors Guild.