7 1/2 Podcasts To Listen To NOW


7 1/2 Podcasts To Listen To Now

I may be a bit late to the party, but I’ve caught the Podcast bug. I’m hooked. No radio, no music, no nothing—just listening to podcasts. In fact, I had a 6 hour drive (each way) a week or so ago and listened to almost 11 hours of podcasts during the trip. I am currently subscribed to 37 of them!

It’s an amazing way to get great information, inspirational and uplifting content—and it can all be done pretty much at your leisure. You don’t have to schedule time or go out of your way to find time to plug into this medium.

Note: I started using the Downcast App for iPhone and love the ease of use. You can use iTunes, Stitcher or any other podcasts player.

So, here are the 7 1/2 Podcasts To Listen To Now

Entrepreneur on Fire-John Lee Dumas: A 7-day a week podcast is almost hard to keep up with, but each episode is better than the last. At about 30-minutes each, these daily doses of FIRE can be consumed on a commute or during a walk on the treadmill. This one is very addictive.

The School of Greatness-Lewis Howes: Each weekly episode runs about an hour—sometimes longer which is one of the things I like about podcasts. Nobody is stuck to a firm time, if the interview or information is good—let it run. Lewis Howes keeps your weekly motivation up with an inspirational, informative podcast which is extremely professionally produced.

The Tim Ferris Show-Tim Ferris: Author of the 4-Hour Workweek, Ferris consistently delivers amazing content. One of my favorites because one never knows what they’re going to get. From entrepreneurs to authors to doctors—always interesting.

The Smart Passive Income Podcast-Pat Flynn: Flynn is a great host and has another very well produced podcast. Great guests, a laid-back atmosphere and tremendous content make this one a must listen. Always fun and entertaining, but you’ll learn a lot, too.

This Is Your Life-Michael Hyatt: Hyatt recently changed formats and brought in co-host Michelle Cushatt but continues to provide great leadership, productivity and management advice. At about a half-hour, this is a great weekly podcast to add to your download list.

Online Marketing Made Easy-Amy Porterfield: If you want to learn to maximize your online marketing, Amy Porterfield is the real deal. From how to monetize Facebook advertising to how best to use other social networks, Amy always provides first class material. Here’s the great part: many of her “online” marketing tips can be taken offline. Keep an open mind and listen to a very talented marketer.

Connect!-Deb Calvert: Calvert is a sales coach, trainer and writer. Her podcast is a replay of her blogtalkradio show so she is limited on some of the technical flash others have, but she makes up for it with great guests and great interviews. For salespeople, this one needs to be close to the top of your list.

BONUS: Ask Pat-Pat Flynn: Flynn produces a weekly podcast, Ask Pat where he fields a question from a listener and answers it on air. These run 10-15 minutes and are perfect to save for when you have a few minutes of down time.

Any that I’ve missed? I’d love to know what’s on your playlist.