5 Ways To Become The Expert In Your Field

Expert If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time you know one of the things I believe is the true superstars in sales (and in other professions) position themselves as the expert in their field. They’ve become the “go to” person–one who is respected, trusted and sought after. I’ve been asked more than once, “How do I do that?”. While there’s on one answer that will automatically, overnight put one in that position there are things one can do to help bring about that persona. However, this all must be done with the heart of a giver–expecting nothing in return. For example, I’ve blogged at this site for almost three years, published more than 200 blog posts and am happy to contribute to the profession of sales. Do I consider myself an expert? Not really. I consider myself extremely knowledgable and experienced and I love to learn–I want to learn from anyone.  Others do percieve me in the light because of things I’ve done here and elsewhere. Here is my list of five ways you can become the expert in your field.

Media Exposure

Make it a point to meet the local news media. Let them know you are available to talk about whatever subject is your specialty. If you don’t know how to write a press release there are plenty of great templates online. Write one and send it to your local paper, television station and radio stations. You’ll be surprised at how much they look for good content. Be a resource.

Publish A Newsletter

There are plenty of great newsletter templates and programs online. Personally I use Powered by MailChimpMailchimp for mine. (If you haven’t signed up here’s the link. Again, you are providing information and becoming a resource. Perhaps you do nothing but scour the internet for items of interest to your clients and put together the links in an email format. Whatever it is, remember you are giving knowledge or access to knowledge.

Speak at an Industry Event

OK, some of you just had your knees buckle. Maybe this one is not for everyone. But, you will really stand out in the crowd by speaking at an industry event. Volunteer and don’t expect to get paid. Do this for your industry. It helps if you can provide them with the topic you can speak on and have all the materials your audience will need. Find out who handles speakers and contact them. NOTE: Most industries are booked at least a year in advance so you have plenty of time to prepare, but contact them now!

Contribute To Trade Publications

Another great way to get your name out there is to contribute an article to an industry publication. The information is available in the front of each edition on who to contact. Most likely you’ll need to find out what their editorial calendar is like for the upcoming year and write something thats fits in with their theme. Again, these people work far in advance so make your contacts today.

Offer advice through Social Media Sites (Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs)

Finally, be present on Social Media. It’s a must in today’s world. In addition to your own blog, contribute free content on Twitter, comment and offer your input on articles on LinkedIn, comment on other blogs. Simply be involved. As you can tell this is not a quick fix nor is it easy. But, if you’ll start doing each of these in small doses, soon you’ll be very good at them and they’ll become part of your daily routine. And, you’ll be seen as an Expert.