5 Secret Sales Skills Every Sales Pro Needs


5 Secret Sales Skills Every Sales Pro Needs

I know your boss thinks you are Superman or Wonder Woman sometime, right? Hey, it comes with the territory. But, in all honesty there are some secret sales skills—some almost superhuman powers each sales pro must posses.

Just like the super heroes from our youth, we’re called on to do things that would break any “normal man or woman”. (I’m only slightly kidding)

How about this list of 5 Secret Sales Skills Every Sales Pro Needs

Super Sonic Hearing

Prospects and customers aren’t always the best communicators but we can’t let that keep us from making the sale and making them happy. There are times they aren’t sure what to say so they don’t say anything—which, to a sales pro, is saying something. Other times, they mumble when nervous or anxious.

You’ve still got to be able to discern what the issue is and how to solve that customer’s needs and satisfy their wants.

Years ago I worked with a salesman who was legally deaf. He could hear a little and was great at reading lips, but by the legal definition he was deaf. Consequently he had that slight speech impediment because of his hearing loss—which he worked to his advantage.

Prospects had to listen to him—they had to pay attention. There was no drifting off when he was talking. They could scream ‘no’ in his face and he’d reply, “Yes, we take VISA!” On the other hand if someone whispered ‘yes’ from 100-yards away he was on them in a flash.

Having Super Sonic hearing means for than hearing—it means listening and understanding what is and isn’t being said.

X-Ray Vision

Now, let me explain. I call it X-Ray vision because as professional salespeople, many times we have to almost see around corners to anticipate what is going to happen with a customer, a prospect or in the market.

Have you ever had a customer blame you for not knowing something was going to happen—that nobody knew was going to happen? Again, it’s part of the gig.

Possessing X-Ray vision is learned and takes time, but eventually you start to “see” things before they happen with almost a sixth sense of anticipation. You’ll keep a customer from running out of product, save a prospect from making a mistake or something because you “saw” it when nobody else did.

I wish I could tell you I could train this, but I can’t. It’s one of those secret sales skills that just develops over time.

Leather Tough, Fire-Resistant Skin

This should go without saying, but to be a true professional salesperson you’ve got to have tough skin. You’ve got to have that leathered exterior that allows you to take the beating and come back the next day to do it all again because it’s just what you do.

Are there days where we wish we didn’t have it? Absolutely. But, it’s a necessity to rise to the top of the profession.

In addition to being tough, you have to be fire-resistant as well. And not as in “I got fired”. I’m talking about when a prospect or customer lights you up so hot you glow and you have to smile and nod.

Hardest thing you’ll ever do. (Remember you can say what you want in the privacy of your car or office when alone) However, there are people who can get under that skin who you must rid yourself of. If you have a customer who continually wants to set you on fire so to speak, you may have to use the other kind and “fire” them. It’s not worth being treated in an unprofessional manner if you conduct your business as a professional.

Your skin can only take so much.

Resilient Personality

As a sales professional you have to bounce back quicker than Stretch Armstrong! I mean you’ve really got to be resilient in how you handle yourself with customers and prospects. No matter how the last appointment went, never let it affect the upcoming one.

Hard to do? Absolutely. But, remember you have super powers. Don’t be afraid to use them.

Speed Thinking

I saved the best for last. Speed Thinking is a secret sales skill known to only a few—a skill passed down from generation to generation; from manager to salesperson. Speed Thinking is just as the name implies that innate ability to think on your feet, come up with solutions or rescue sales that seem to be hopelessly lost.

If you’ve ever had a prospect throw a curve ball at the 11th hour before a sale you know exactly what I’m talking about. Speed Thinker To The Rescue! You pulled the need answer, overcame the objection or solved the problem in your subconscious mind because you conscious mind didn’t have time to even engage. It’s a secret skill that serves you well—so well, nobody knows you have it.

There you go. Five secret sales skills for sales pros! Now, go protect the citizens of Gotham from those underhanded salespeople who give us all bad names!