4 Reasons You Need to Subscribe To My Newsletter TODAY!


If your inbox is like mine you want less email, not more. I understand that and had that in mind when I created and launched my newsletter recently. Like you I have plenty I just delete without ever opening and should probably take the time to unsubscribe.

So, I don’t want to be just more junk mail for you. I wanted to create an email you’d look forward to—one you saved, forwarded to friends and got tremendous benefit from. I hope I’ve done that. With that being said, here are four reasons you should subscribe today:

1)      Unique content: Each week’s main article is a unique piece of content not available at my website. I think it’s important to give you—the subscriber—something of value you can’t get anywhere else.

2)      It’s a great way to start your week: The newsletter is delivered to your inbox Sunday night so you can read it first thing Monday morning and start the week off on the right foot. It contains inspirational and motivation content on top of the great sales material.

3)      In Case You Missed It: At the bottom of each week’s edition is a section called In Case You Missed It with links to every blog posted at the site that week. If you did miss something you can easily go back and read it in one sitting.

4)      It’s FREE. That’s right absolutely FREE. Oh, and you can unsubscribe anytime you like.

There you have it. Four great reasons to join us! (I’ve made it super easy to, there is a box just below for you to enter your email)

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