10 Signs It’s Time For A Sales Coach


If I had a FAQ page (which I don’t because I get to answer those questions in the blog), the number one spot would be held by, “How Do I Know If I Need a Sales Coach?” My standard answer is, “If you’re in sales, you need a Sales Coach”–and that’s true. Everyone needs someone who can be a sounding board and help them through certain situations. Situations that occur on a regular basis where a Coach can give you another set of eyes and a different perspective.

But, if you are still not convinced, I’ve compiled a list of Ten Signs It’s Time for a Sales Coach. Watch for these signs and behaviors. Some of these may be minor inconveniences and others could be potentially deadly to your sales career. A few of these are nothing to play around with–contact me at butch@butchbellah.com at the first sign of symptoms. (NOTE: If redness or swelling occurs, discontinue work immediately, take two aspirin and call me!)

1. You’ve missed more than one or two sales you know you should’ve made: You know which ones I mean. You’re a pro. Ones you could have and should have made. The prospect did their part, you just missed it…somewhere.

2. Your enthusiasm has waned for a job you really enjoy: You’re going through an extended period of time where you just aren’t “on”. You aren’t as fired up as you used to be. The job you love is becoming…work! Don’t let this one go on too long because it can lead to several of the other issues.

3. You’ve lost a customer (or customers) and feel the need to replace them quickly: For whatever reason you’ve lost some business and now you feel pressured and rushed to put some numbers back “on the books”. This is a perfect situation to use a Sales Coach—someone who can guide you through this time and make sure you don’t make it worse instead of better.

4. You’re in a small slump you don’t want to become a long slump: We’ve talked on this blog about letting a little slump becoming a big slump. There are ways to keep that from happening. Don’t let the ups and downs lead to too many downs.

5. You’re already in a long slump: Uh oh. Too late on number 4. You’ve hit the proverbial dry spell. Again, this is where a Coach is so valuable. This is where a good Sales or Business Coach really earns their keep. A good one will have you firing on a cylinders in no time.

6. You feel yourself shortcutting and not properly following the steps to the sale: You feel it. Again, you’re a pro. You’re rushing, not doing things the way you KNOW they should be done—and you’re sales are declining because of it.

7. Your sales have plateaued and you can’t seem to reach new heights: I love this one. You are ready to reach new ground. You’ve hit your goals and now you need someone to help you break out to new heights and really stretch yourself.

8. You’re “in a rut”: This could be anything. You feel it when it happens. Everything is just “blah”. We’ve all been there. Sales aren’t necessarily bad, but something—a spark or something—is missing.

9. You’re having attitude and motivation issues: This is bigger than number 8. This goes deeper. You may be experiencing the blues or a true depression. If so, contact a professional immediately. (Not a Sales Coach—a medical professional). If it’s just “stinkin’ thinkin’ as Zig Ziglar used to refer to it, call me. If you’ve used the phrase get “my head on straight”, you need a Sales Coach.

10. You simply want to grow your sales and be a leader in your industry: My favorite one. Good is no longer good enough. Great is not satisfying you. You want to be the number 1 salesperson in your entire industry. You’ve got those big bold goals and you are ready to hit them. I get enthused myself working with these people.

Any of those hit home?

Sales Coaching doesn’t cost. It pays and the investment is less than you think. Email me for a FREE 30 minute, no obligation consultation at butch@butchbellah.com and just tell me you want to set a time to visit about the possibility of working together. If I can help, I’ll let you know. If I can’t, I’ll let you know that, too.

Let’s grow YOUR business.