10 Essential Habits of Sales Superstars

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As many of you know I published my first book, The 10 Essential Habits of Sales Superstars: Plugging into the Power of Ten“>The 10 Essential Habits of Sales Superstars: Plugging into The Power of Ten about a month ago. It was truly a dream come true and a project which I had worked on (and shelved several times) for the past few years.

Yesterday was the official “Launch” of the book and it’s available at The 10 Essential Habits of Sales Superstars: Plugging into the Power of TenAmazon.com in the Kindle Select program THIS WEEK only absolutely FREE (Kindle version only)

In the book, you’ll learn 10 very simple habits. 10 very good habits–habits you can start today and begin to change your sales, your income and your career.

You’ll learn from my 30+ years of experience things I shaped, honed, changed and polished into the ten presented in the book. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, salesperson, sales manager, small business owner or in any sort of business–we all sell something and these habits can and will help you.

And, this week you can get it for free.

The promotion ends Friday, August 9 so click over to Amazon and download your copy today. Read it, soak it up and leave me feedback over there on the book.

I said earlier these were simple habits–and I point out in the book–there is a big difference between simple and easy. They aren’t easy. You have to commit to them. You must commit to making changes in your sales process, your day and how you approach your job.

But, if you do so–these 10 habits can have a tremendous impact for you.

Writing the book was such a great experience for me–I learned so much in the process and now if you’re willing to open your mind and take a few pointers from an “old hand”, you can benefit from them, as well.

Don’t delay–it really does end Friday. So, let your friends know they can get a copy for free this week.

I hope you enjoy it!

And don’t forget to leave me your feedback and input.