What Would You Do? No Soliciting

You are a professional salesperson calling on a corporate/headquarter office. Your goal for the call is simply to set an appointment with the decision maker. You don’t have an appointment today—you’re arriving unannounced.

As you approach the main office, there is a small (but visible) sign on the glass just to the right of the doorway, “NO SOLICITING”.

What would you do?


  1. 1). ” I saw your sign, but I would just like to make an appointment. Is that possible? Could you give me the contact person and their extension?”
    2). Ignore the sign as sometimes it is aimed at canvasser type sales people.

  2. Author

    John: I agree! I would assume the sign was intended for “peddlers” and not professionals. I would think a lot of competition turns around–so your odds may be better on these accounts. Thanks for the input!

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