Go And Make Friends!

Today’s post is a Guest Post by Jim Hamlin:

Go And Make Friends!

By Jim Hamlin

Wow I read lots of books, newsletters, brochures and blogs about sales. The message seems consistent. Most say thing like Be persistent, focus on the CLOSE, Handle OBJECTIONS, use persuasion, accept rejection, and it is all a bunch of Hog wash. I say do not get the sale at the expense of building a friendship or the very least a good relationship.
To me there is a better way to succeed. STOP SELLING and start building real relationships. How do you make friends if all you are worried about is the Sale? (Your prospects can smell that.)
Folk’s sales are not adversarial; it’s not you against your prospect. It’s you and your prospect. If you take the time to question your prospect and find out what’s important to them I promise you will be miles ahead of most of your competition. The questions must be asked with a genuine interest in your client and their issues. As the questions continue your prospect will reveal more and more about their situation. (Remember most people like to talk about themselves.) They love the fact that someone is listening to them. No one else takes the time to listen. (Not even their family.)
With all the information give to ya by your prospect you can decide if you are a good fit for them. If you are a good fit, FANTASTIC you get the sale. If you are not a fit then you have still made and a friend and an ally that can help you with referrals…
Go and make FRIEND Y’all.

You can reach Jim at jim@redcapsalescoaching.com

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