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If there’s one place I feel most alive, it’s on stage. From the years on the road as a professional comic (yes, I got paid to tell jokes) to now speaking to sales teams, I love it. I live for it. I’m ready to bring my message to your team. Hey, they get tired of hearing you—I hate to tell you, but they do. Contact me about sales meetings, conventions, even phone presentations—I deliver.

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For almost 30 years, I’ve walked the walk and talked the talk. Tens of thousands of sales calls, thousands of new clients and hundreds of millions of dollars of product sold, and I can train you or your salespeople to do the same. You and I have both heard trainers talk and thought, “The only thing he ever sold was his sales training!” Well, I’ve been in the trenches, belly-to-belly and can bring real, authentic sales training to you!


My site has more than 300 blog posts on sales, personal development, management, motivation and more. Over 300! I’ve written two books, "The 10 Essential Habits of Sales Superstars: Plugging Into The Power of Ten" (SalesPower Publishing) and Sales Management For Dummies (John Wiley & Sons). Hey, the only person more surprised than me is my high school English teacher!


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Negotiating Tip: Don’t Give It Away At The End Recently I was talking to a coaching client and as they were stepping me through their recent sales call, I noticed they’d fallen into a trap that has swallowed up many, many great salespeople.  At the very end of his sales call—the deal was done and […]

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Join me Tuesday, December 15, at 6:30pm CST via Blab. We’ll be talking about Closing Sales Using LinkedIn. Brynne Tillman is a LinkedIn GURU! We’ll be talking about a whole new way to do business. Join us for the live conversation! Have you checked out Blab yet? Sign up here if you haven’t already, so […]